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19 apr RAUMA

Omen, the true child of nature, going back to his roots. Equiped only with a megaphone, suitcase and a gasmask, he is now ready to take on the mountains.. [singlepic id=495 w=800 h=600 float=][singlepic id=496 w=800 h=600 float=][singlepic id=497 w=800 h=600 float=] Check out the video...

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No more hoisting of equipment for a while now. The camera came with me to my stand and this is what i got in Haugesund.. [singlepic id=349 w=800 h=370 float=][singlepic id=350 w=800 h=370 float=][singlepic id=351 w=800 h=370 float=][singlepic id=355 w=800 h=370 float=][singlepic id=353 w=800 h=370...

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