Arne Bru Haug // Photographeur | BORRE//HAMAR
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Hamar had a staircase right behind Omens organ. So that gig became kind of a study in Omens mask-ness.. Its all done before, but one can not have a Kaizers-photo-project without a ton of gas mask pictures.. hamar hand jackalgrandpiano Opppppsssssss!! A sneaky Larvik-picture snook its way in here… larviklive mask mask3 neil Our light-genious, Neil, turned 40 in Borre. Salute Neil!! omenmelonjackal Omen eating backstage. As one does..Jackal watches. As one does.. thomas Tour-manager-Thomas tries to defrost his behind in the warm Hamar-sun.. borre4

  • Sandra
    Posted at 14:57h, 31 mars Svar

    It that Micke from Sweden in one of the concert pictures?

    • arne
      Posted at 23:11h, 01 april Svar

      I dont think so. I guess Micke is located in Sweden at the moment, but I cant say for sure. What picture are you thinking about?

      • Sandra
        Posted at 20:49h, 03 april Svar

        Alright, just thought he looked a bit like him. :) No. 7, the one raising his glass with people taking pictures of him.

        • LB
          Posted at 00:11h, 07 april Svar

          no, that’s their light technician, and his name isn’t micke and as far as i know he’s not from sweden.

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