Arne Bru Haug // Photographeur | BERN//FRANKFURT//UTRECHT
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bern Swiz bump in the fields.. bernlive Jackal and his cowbell. I need some more cowbell! cheese Swiz cheese. Of course… chess-copy Lets play Chess , Mink said. Hell Yeah! Killmaster replied.. corner Mink and Killmaster turning a corner.. eggs Swiz eggs. They realy like to paint eggs.. flowerbike Dutch bike decor. hellcat In Utrecht, cats are just as welcome as people if they fancy a beer.. hellmaister Constanze Photography Club out walking the Frankfurtian streets.. hellraizerfrankfurt Hellraizers town. He bought it, and now he runs it. Frankfurt that is.. hellraizerfrankfurt2 hellraizerstruts Hellraizer and his freind, the ostrich. hungryomen Omen, who rarely speaks, eyeballs Killmaster. Omen does not appreciate beeing robbed of is lunch. jackal70 Jackal hanging out backstage in a 70`s lighting palette.. jackalbassdrum The Ghost Of Killmaster jackalhellraizer Nein herr polizei! I haf dønn nøthing vrøng. If i cøver my feis, maybe he will gø afay.. jackalsqueeze Jackal squeeeezing the last drop out of a fine Rieisling. Thunder, the happy birthday boy,is facinated by Jackals skills.. photo: Geir Zahl kaiserstrase Kaiserstrase… killmastercigar When cigar smoking bassplayers celebrate their birthday in Frankfurt, the natural gift is, of course, a quality cigar. The little old lady did not appreciate beeing photographed though.. killmastergnomes Killmaster eagerly shopping for garden gnomes. He felt he needed some to protect his garden.. killmasterpolice Killmaster trying to cover his face as a local graffitied punk attempts to piss on him and the police. Who he clearly have som problems with.. thunderjackal_0

Thunder just turned 30 again, so Jackal felt he needed some attention in his face. All covered by the hat. After all we`re all gentelmen Geir Zahl

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