Arne Bru Haug // Photographeur | 14 HOURS IN FLORØ!
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26 feb 14 HOURS IN FLORØ!

2 bands, 1 night, 2000 people. Good times! Norways most westerly town, Florø, got the Kaizer-treatment and loved it.

florostage2 florostage3 florostage florobackstage2 Hellraizer and Killmaster hanging out backstage. Killmaster, sporting his new hat for the occasion florobackstage floroomen Omen, covinced his soul is now captured, stares into the heart of the camera to get it back. Omen never speaks unless he absolutely have to, and soul-stealing is not enough to get him chatty. Its all in the look. Give it back! He succeded and the show continues. florobackstage4 florobackstage1 florobackstage3 Cool cats drink, points middle fingers, shows of the sole of their shoes and yawns. Its all by the book..

Thunders Book of Cool Cat Behaviour. 9,99 on Amazon kids!

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